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Could You Have High Blood Pressure and Not Know it?

High blood pressure is usually undetectable until its later stages, when it’s at the point of being a medical emergency requiring major interventions to preserve life. Routine testing with a blood pressure monitor is the best way to know your status.

Oct 1st, 2019
What to Expect From a Stress Test

Stress tests can be the key to catching, diagnosing, and determining risk for heart disease. This workout type of test can be a life-saving tool. Here’s what you should expect when going in for a stress test.

Aug 1st, 2019
The Surgery-Free Solution to Stubborn Fat Deposits That Works

You work out, eat right, and you attempt to target those trouble spots, like abs and thighs, to no avail. When exercise and a healthy lifestyle fall short of helping you achieve your goals, WarmSculpting™ treatments with SculpSure® can get you there.

Jul 12th, 2019
Germ Busters - Sick Is Not Fun

GERMS. GERMS. GERMS. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! THEY make you SICK & give you the flu. THEY give you a cold & give you pneumonia. THEY give you a red eye. THEY give you a skin infection. THEY give you a mouth infection, sore throat, & make you feel terrible.

Jul 25th, 2019