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Greet Summer with a Smile Through Body Contouring

If you're ready to don your favorite bikini but need help battling that remaining diet-resistant belly fat, it’s time to consider the body contouring services available at More MD.

Our providers offer in-office SculpSure® treatments that target your love handles and the hard-to-lose fat deposits in your belly. Starting your treatments now can get your body beach-ready by summer.

How SculpSure body contouring works

The SculpSure technology uses light-based energy to target fat deposits. The energy heats the fat cells and destroys their structure. Once treated, the cells can no longer store fat.

Your body metabolizes the dead fat cells naturally without any further treatment. Over time, the cells continue breaking down and you eliminate them as waste.

It can take several weeks to see the maximum benefit of SculpSure treatments. As more fat cells are destroyed, the treated areas become slimmer. The natural contours of your body shine through naturally and your clothes begin fitting better.

Versatility in treatment

Our aesthetics team at More MD can use the SculpSure technology to treat unwanted fat deposits on many areas of your body including your:

We can also use the special attachment to treat submental fat under your chin that gives you a double chin appearance.

The SculpSure technology delivers the light energy through the surface of your skin without damaging the surrounding tissue. We can treat fat deposits without the need for incisions or invasive procedures.

Is SculpSure body contouring right for you?

SculpSure body contouring is a great option for anyone who has unwanted fat deposits they can’t lose through diet and exercise.

This fat builds up as you get older and your body changes how it stores fat. Even if you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, you might still find it difficult to lose these pockets of fat on your own.

Our More MD team can determine if SculpSure body contouring is right for you by reviewing your medical history and your goals for treatment.

Body contouring is not a treatment for obesity. You should be close to an ideal body weight and otherwise healthy to qualify for treatment with SculpSure.

What to expect during your body contouring treatment

During your body contouring treatment, you can expect to lie comfortably on an exam table while we attach the SculpSure system to the treatment area.

As the heat energy moves through your skin, it’s normal to feel a warming or tingling sensation in the area. The SculpSure system features a built-in cooling system that makes treatment easier to tolerate by keeping your skin cool and comfortable.

The technology will cycle on and off several times throughout your treatment. The heat energy targets and heats up the fat cells beneath your skin. The high temperature destroys the fat cells, so they can no longer store excess fat.

Each treatment usually lasts less than 30 minutes and you can resume your usual activities shortly after your appointment. You can expect to see your SculpSure results within six weeks of treatment and can maintain them with regular exercise and a good diet.

If you’re ready to slim down in time for summer, call More MD to schedule a body contouring consultation or book one online today.

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