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I’m So Tired of Struggling to Lose Weight

I’m So Tired of Struggling to Lose Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial for long-term wellness. For many people, the journey to successful weight loss is not only difficult, but it’s a daily struggle that takes a toll on their physical and mental health.

At More MD, we offer a weight management clinic on-site to help make your weight loss goals more achievable. Our certified dietician Heike Hilker works closely with you to define an ideal weight for your body type based on your existing health.

Why it’s hard to lose weight

Possibly one of the biggest reasons it’s difficult for people to lose weight is because of the endless commercials about how easy weight loss is with an expensive pill or diet plan. 

People feel like they fail when they don’t get the results the ads promise, and it affects their attitude about their weight loss journey.

There are also several other reasons why weight loss may not be easy for you. Many of these reasons concern your daily lifestyle and the choice you make. 

Four common weight loss mistakes to avoid

Here are four common mistakes people make on their weight loss journey and what you can do to change them:

1. Unhealthy food choices

Many people who struggle to lose weight do so because they don’t know how to eat properly for their weight loss goals or their existing health needs.

We recommend keeping a food journal and writing down everything that you eat, how much you eat, and the times you eat in a week. This helps our dietician learn more about the changes you need to make to your diet to promote weight loss.

2. Lack of workout consistency

You may start out strong with an exercise plan but if you don’t remain consistent in your workouts, you won’t see results.

It’s also important that you follow a plan with exercises you actually enjoy, so that you’ll stick with a workout regularly. We can recommend different exercises you can do to target areas of your body where you want to lose excess fat. We also suggest a workout that you can do if you’re limited by a health issue.

3. Lack of sustainable life changes

Your weight loss journey may be difficult because you still engage in unhealthy lifestyle habits like staying up too late, sitting for long periods of time, and spending too many hours in front of the computer or television.

To truly improve your health and achieve your weight loss goals, you have to be willing to make lifelong changes to your daily routine. You also need to schedule time into every day to do something good for your health instead of making excuses that you’re too busy.

4. Underlying health issues

Underlying health issues like thyroid disorder and depression that go undiagnosed can greatly affect your health and your ability to lose weight.

At More MD, we offer primary care services to evaluate your overall health before you move forward with your weight loss efforts. Primary care physician John Moran, MD, can order blood tests, perform a physical, and assess other aspects of your health to ensure underlying health problems aren’t interfering with weight loss.

If you have a health condition that needs attention, Dr. Moran and our team can create a treatment plan to bring it under control, so you can reach your weight loss goals and maintain your long-term wellness.

Schedule a consultation at our weight loss clinic online or call the More MD office nearest to you today to start your weight loss journey off on the right foot. 

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