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If you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or find that you’re always feeling fatigued, a home sleep study can get to the root of your abnormal sleep habits. The dedicated team of practitioners at More MD in Surprise, Prescott, Kingman, Gilbert, Yuma, and Lake Havasu City, Arizona, can get you started on a home sleep study, so you won’t have to spend a night in an uncomfortable clinic. Find out if a home sleep study is right for you by booking a consultation. Schedule your visit through the online booking feature or over the phone.

In-Home Sleep Study Q & A

Why do I need a home sleep study?

Your doctor may order a home sleep study to collect valuable information about your sleep patterns in the most comfortable environment possible: Your own bed. This type of test can help your physician determine if you have sleep apnea and if so, how severe your condition may be.

Because sleep apnea and related sleep disorders dramatically increase your risk of serious chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes, a home sleep study is often one of the first steps in starting your preventive health care plan.

What are the benefits of a home sleep study?

A home sleep study provides many benefits, since the system tracks your natural habits, without requiring you to stay in an uncomfortable environment (like a sleep center). This type of sleep study may be right for you if you:

  • Are homebound
  • Can’t fit a traditional lab study into your schedule
  • Have a chronic disease that requires specialized care

Plus, a home sleep study is a fraction of the cost of sleep studies that require you to stay overnight in a lab.

What happens during a home sleep study?

Once you and your doctor at More MD decide that a sleep study is a beneficial option for you, they provide you with a home sleep kit. This kit includes:

  • Belt to wrap around your waist
  • A wire that connects the belt to the monitor
  • A clip that goes over your finger
  • Airflow sensor that rests under your nose

As soon as you turn the monitor on after attaching all of the system’s components, it starts tracking every aspect of your sleep patterns. The home sleep study monitor keeps tabs on your breathing, heart rate, airflow, sleep positions, snoring, and more.

Once your home sleep study is complete — it could last for one or more nights — you return the monitor to More MD. The team evaluates your results and schedules you for a follow-up visit to get your home sleep study results and any necessary treatment planning.

Learn more about home sleep study options offered at More MD by booking a consultation. Schedule online or over the phone with your nearest office.